Recouperating, Reconciling and Renovating the Read-Rite Residence

Where are the Hathors when you need them?

Where are the Hathors when you need them?


Though we don’t always know what we did last summer, we certainly love the rush of warm augustine air heralding the (new) beginning of our educational elapse.  When does the recollecting really occur, and is it as scripted as our media metaphors are straining to allow?

In my experiences in “art school” – the entire escapade being a search for one of the meanings of life – i learned at later tiers of immersion that one is here to “build a vocabulary” (oh, did he say that out loud?)  An art vocabulary at that very Post-Modern period of time included copies of copies of copies of famous Greek theologians (i thought Baudrillard was Roman and Foucault was Greek – I guess that makes Eco a Mayan).  Making copies has developed, over the past few decades, and interesting semi opaque plate of lenticular observation of “ancient cultures” – almost a laboratory discovery about how some very deep and lasting questions had

1.  Never Been Answered

2. Been double-blinding and gagged from execution in a formal court

3. Left many people of different castes and classes wondering …

*Does a Language create a Culture which then organizes to form a Nation (any formal system has to agree to it’s perimetric boundaries – ie: Plato’s Atlantis which leads to Anisazi of the Nasca Plateau which is later to be propagandized by the boys and madchens of Brazil during another A.H. attempt and rising from the dead to give life to his people – many of which are understudied by the PoMo Walking Dead serial.

Obviously the other A.H. (I being Aaron Hourigan) didn’t have all the elements of language, didn’t make his pudding on his own and thus was not able to have all 3,5,8,13 faces of his monument to courage occur in any lasting sense except as explitive of something cherished – ie: the infancy of the original Novos Ordum Luxus – the ancient ages of advanced civilizations, some of whom are still being treated with American “Shock and Awe” today.

There are laws to language, laws to the space created by divulgences and laws about grammatical hygeiene.   Come along with me in the coming months as we begin to discover the legacies and alliances of secrets and delirious discretions of The Media (1. Language 2. AlphaBet 3.Culture 4. Environment 5. Witnessing Consumer – Cogito.

Hope your Back to School shopping packs plenty of proof in the pudding.

Best Regards,

Aaron Hourigan

A face like TV tuned to a dead channel.

A face like TV tuned to a dead channel.

Necronomical Notions Nudged Towards New Gold Dreams

Guardian at the Gates of Silent Memory

Guardian at the Gates of Silent Memory

For anyone not familiar with the classic piece of (assumed) fiction – The Necronomicon – as featured in the works of HP Lovecraft (among other forms of Art) we have some ideas for this Good Friday and Easter Season …

Idea –> The Necronomicon is a structure of etherically vascular appendages which can trace out the vicissitudes of life’s attempts at achieving success.

Implicated in this is that Life’s Success is intertwined with the naming of things, environmental objects, one’s self (and parts of one’s soul) are a necessity to achieving the coronation of the Holy Guardian Angel with the crown of Statistical Empiricism.

Statistical Empiricism – mundanely the regular status updates in the syndicated cross-hairs of social media – seems to be something;

i) not all people want

ii) which is not tenable in it’s own right (lacks tenacity – sometimes would be metric lacking metre.)

iii) is irrationally parametricized (  things accrued in the reception of the original measure of a work of Creation).

iv) is something that is won through conflict – a Luciferian Bargain giving way to a Quaballist Quarrel.

A virgin boy child plays with Le Petit Mort on his way to encountering the Incunabula ...

A virgin boy child plays with Le Petit Mort on his way to encountering the Incunabula …

What does this have to do with the Path of Execution of Eternal Life – something that may join creation with eternity and life to knowledge? This is something that has to be named by the pursuant, but a real menu of choices are being developed in various facets of social media in the 21st Century.

The real story of Death and Resurrection is, for some to heavy on the former and “light” on the latter – concretely, do we not all have different ideas of Heaven as Terrestrial Realm?




Best Bunnies to all Believers,

Bradley James

Urban Survival Media

Framed but never Claimed to explain - Abracadabra ...

Framed but never Claimed to explain – Abracadabra …

We all hope that Big Brother knows his Bugs ...

We all hope that Big Brother knows his Bugs …

How I Discovered God – Part 1 by Herb V.

   A sermon and out-take from the podcast – 57 Years of Soul Music Radio . Com with Reverend Herb “Soul Talkin’ ” Reid.

You know there is a God, not the one you branding hypocrites created you Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and all you other mankind-kind branded nonsense !  he’s not a God defined by a language or an image that you kill for or feel superior  because of. The real God doesn’t care if you suck another mans penis, if you want to love life on your knees and let anther man subjugate you and you enjoy it God’s not concerned with your own self-inflicted shame if you like it, you’re still a child of God.

God didn’t create hell mankind did, and God didn’t create Satan mankind did, God just created the Universe. Mankind created  the bull shit. Mankind created borders and lines, and goes through great lengths to maintain those borders and lines and if you God has had many messengers and if you listened he never said half the crap any of you holy folk  verbally regurgitate. You need God to tell you that some things are unnatural ? No ! you don’t you know in your heart whats is natural and what is unnatural, you want to blame God if you know that you’re breaking the rules.  And then you want to blame God if you enjoy breaking the natural laws of nature.

And some of you even find it exciting God heard many a ” oh, God, Oh God, Oh God as part of your freedom of speech mandated useless display of and inane erotic lust which serves no purpose other than to break the laws of nature and enjoy doing it.  This excites you to disrespect God like it cares, do you think that God who created the Universe cares what some punk little jack-ass whom so knowledgeable that he can say without a doubt that God doesn’t exist ? Guess the jokes on you God don’t give a damn, because if God doesn’t exist than neither do you.  And if you never exist again do you think that it will hurt the existence of God, no it’ll only mean the non-existence of you, and who care if you think your life is so big that you can define God and declare it’s nonexistence that so what, God will be here in 10 trillion years and you will have been just a small fart…

But then if you create an eternity of lies and hypocrisy God will see you in that existence , it comes around in a loop. If a gnat has intelligence of a sort ( it has to think to fly ) how small do you think God can be before he disappear from you soul and what happens then to your DNA what do you become ? whats  next, what if the molecule that make up your body became molten rock and carried your consciousness with it ? part of  molten rock, would that not be funny if molten rock contained the same molecules that make up your body today.

Preachers, Imams, Priests, et el have been making a decent living distorting the written messages, whole industries exist to disprove and prove God. If God need your belief to exist it wouldn’t be God, it would be a fairy tale, belief in a brand will always disappoint you how can a manufactured brand maintain it;’s quality when it’s based on distortion made up myths and down right lies ? i.e how many trillions of Mars bars do they make and how many turn out bad ? man-made brands always fail because they are man-made.

God of drugs, imagination desperation and control. How did I discover God, by UN-discovering religion Gov.’t and hypocrisy, learning to understand what I might enjoy still doesn’t make it right all the positive assertion and officially stamps of Gov.t won’t make breaking the laws of nature natural, mankind knows that, but if exciting to break the laws and the ultimate break of the laws of nature ? !  is not to believe in God, because nature is God itself manifesting itself throughout the Universe.

Those without faith deny all that is natural around them – they deny the existence of nature, beyond what they think they see.  Those without faith will never discover what’s behind the facade, because they will be lost in the void of non-existence.  God has sent messages to every living thing on Earth, and every living thing on Earth decides whether or not to get that message.  Mother nature will always win in the end.  Soon it will be 500 000 years from now and not one thought will be given to anyone’s denial of the existence of God, because one thing is certain; if you deny the existence of nature and you proclaim that you know all in the universe then you have decided that there is no reason for your existence to continue because once you have discovered there is no God – you know everything in the Universe.  There’s nothing left for you to discover, so when you lie in your grave that will be the end of it.

But for those who seek what’s behind the facade, the Gamblers; let’s face it, existence is like winning a lottery – depending upon how the hand is dealt.  With the billion possibilities of existence its possible to be born again on a planet where existence is always painful or mournful? The universe, or Universes are probably not infinite.  Nothing is.  Not even death.  When I wrote this, I spoke and it was transcribed.  We’re not going to proof-read it – we’ll let you do that, and if you have any questions about my grammar or lack thereof, say a prayer.

The Pulp of Language – Now Fresh Squeezed for the Holidays

Were there not advanced civilizations older than the Atlanteans?

Just when you thought there was only one meaning to life, in march the Semantic StormTroopers…

It may take a bit of time to recollect the past year(s) at this reflective time of year, so UrbanSurvivalMedia has offered the Pleiadian Plebians out there a eternally unlimited time offer: new meanings for old, calloused abrasions of culture and legislature…

§entance §oliquium – Meaning activity in lexigraphic significance is resolved in the bracket of described area. [Can be a sentance which answers it’s own questions.  Can also be a group of sentances which infra-textually answer a set of criteria’s requirements for solvency.]

Paul Reid must Meet Luke CielMarche

Yet another friend of Legend and Myth – The Friendly Arrakis SandWorm.

Thelemetrics : The Art, Practice + Study of faithful scientific devotion to idea, theme and theorem of self as unique agent in life environment.

If Cleopatra were here today, i'm sure she would be a web designer ...

If Cleopatra were here today, I’m sure she would be a web designer …

Semantics: The study of qualifications of valence and calibration in sentance structure and denominational meaning [ Lowest Common Denominate + Greatest Common Result].

The illuminating striation of light and karmic calories, creating new illuminated ideas through applied aplomb.

The illuminating striation of light and karmic calories, creating new illuminated ideas through applied aplomb.

Gematrics : Study of the activity of meaning in the network of common connections within a stimulated environment.  Allegorically the laser of light in the stone of the crystal matrix.

It's companion to another 70's Toy - The Slinky

Ex-Ta-See in Extensis; the Gem of Xylon’s Pendragon…

Wishing all the best of this season of light, conviviality and self-reflection,

Little Jimmy isn't asking for much this year, he has the whole world in his hands ...  Play on little drummer boy ... (Even if it's a TR-808)...

Little Jimmy isn’t asking for much this year, he has the whole world in his hands …
Play on little drummer boy … (Even if it’s a TR-808)…

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If Xochi Had a Burning Bush of His Own …

DXM - 3-D

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide – On the Edge of Legal Observation

This little molecule is certainly getting around on the “I don’t need a prescription to get high” list.  Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide is oddly found in a variety of presented pharmaceuticals yet with all the same recipe of 15mg doses designed – this may be an older form of designer drug – to alleviate cough, cold and flu systems.  Perhaps it’s Xochi’s remedy for the common influenza virus.

There does seem to be some type of plateau system involved with various stages of it’s effects, and a feeling of lightness is sometimes reminiscent of shamanic mesas or even the step pyramids of the Sumerian and Mayan cultures (also, sometimes found in older Egyptian pyramids, ie: Saqqara).

Could this be a key to the Biblical Burning Bush, the ever present red washes of the Buckley’s flame pentacostally belying the wisdom of ancient cultures? All available now at the local Pharmacy? Then again it’s difficult to say what people are needing to use this for, it can help with insight into our own neural operating systems set of neo-lithic tools, then again for some people it’s purely an escape route from normal life studies, often leaving “missing time.”

What’s more curious is the fact that there are many, many companies making these ingredients available in a variety of packages, often with different recipes but we’re all lead to believe that it’s a foundational way to combat “The Common Cold” and get you to la-la land when you have the flu.

If there were a remedy for one person’s inability to entertain themselves and others, I’m sure that it’s escaping a patent by the All-Seeing Apothecary Corps.

So sayeth Orion the Vanguard and so the DubStep posse don their fuzzy and PLURfectly innocuous faux-fur and beaded garments and down another bottle of Robo.  Back in the day with Proteus the Party Paladin it was a bump of K.  Now it’s “All Legal”.  I’m sure that medical marijuana is forthcoming….We just need to take older documents about pot written on Hemp Paper and try to develop them as most probably the originals were smoked in the downfall of older advanced civilizations…That explains everything, or it will at least lead to a new episod of Stargate…

Ra - The Big Red Eye Revealed

Ra – The Big Red Eye Revealed

Goodbye Trevon Johnson

Goodbye Trevon Johnson

It’s to young to die , at 17, being stupid breaking into somebody’s house to get chump change and stuff you don’t want to work for, because you’re to busy trying to be accepted, which means you drink a lot do drugs a lot and look for sex a lot.  Ugly black boys have tough lives, trying to believe that they’ll ever get a break, so they back slide into self loathing and dependency on somebody else’s hard work. There’s a lot of blame to go around here.  His cousin asserts ( I might add she had a long blond sew in, and her makeup was done just so )  that he was a good kid who just needed money for school clothes?


Working at Burger King would have been a better idea ?