Solutions versus MashUps – The New Language of the Internet

Originally written for WagMagazine :



Greetings All,

Though I haven’t been personally informed (by an agent of G-d or otherwise) about what “The Meaning of Life” is, I am pretty sure that it involves codes of language, languages that puppet our daily activities both on and off the internet and feed our hungry stomachs with “Food For Thought”.

Shamans and Charlatans alike have found that “questions of the privacy of the soul” get addressed in both “public” as well as “private” environs – it’s like talk around the water cooler has to be about something other than the self-evident. Theorists and fans of the movie “Altered States” will tell you that a brained being, withdrawn from certain types of stimulus (“solutions”) will manufacture a replacement replica to amuse itself with (“mash-ups”). A similar phenomenon is found in your pantry a couple days before the paycheck hits the bank – you have to scrape up some leftovers to keep your stomach busy.

Speaking of food, is it just me or has the word “solutions” come to mean something more than a service an internet company offers and more about “what to do for dinner”? Did the internet tell us what to eat? It is again one of those fractal feedback (that’s feedback, not feed-bag) type of things.

I had always thought that fractals, perhaps roiling atomic plasmas, had been a “type of solution” which self-reflexively and self-symmetrically “mash-up” different types of data in search of

1. A teleological “answer” for a question – note this is “answer” as “the solution” isn’t the
end objective.

2. A new mystery to solve (sound’s vaguely like Scooby-Doo meets the Hardy Boys).

3. A new form of effectivity and efficiency in ecological hygeine.

4. All of the above.

The aim of this docket of Wag’s Blog is to promote the idea that though we don’t immediately prove the existence of G-d (or articulable elaboration of divine reality) we do have more information about what would constitute a <“soul”>. This may at least put to rest certain Christian sectarian arguments about where this mysterious bird is – wouldn’t it be nice to have ALL christians agree on something. It’d be a step towards a global peace project and at least a lot more upbeat and happy television.

I hope that you take this all with levity – i’m not a preacher.

More will be forthcoming about these light-heated philosophies, until then bon appetit for your own “hot meal solutions”.