Taking the Net By Storm

Originally posted to Wag Magazine.

Storm Sign from Mayan Calendar

Storm Sign from Mayan Calendar

Electric Storm - Past 2012 and still going ...

Electric Storm – Past 2012 and still going …

 Greetings All, 

Though I have still not Googled to find the real root about “Talking about the weather to pass time” I’m sure I’m on the right track with this take on the dramatic irony of “Weather Writings.”


I’m not a meteorologist. I don’t know what meteors and the weather have to do with each other, except for perhaps the Dark Ages forms of crystal-gazing and scrying about astrology to determine the comings and goings of storms. I, being gullible, trust that there’s always a good, altruistic and non-paranoia inspiring reason for the meteor reference.

In my mind, “the weather” has multiple parameters of force, motion, density and effort which inter-relate in a very non-linear way. It’s been established, if at all things chaotic can ever establish themselves in any ordered way, that “Storms” are interwoven with human (and animal) emotional patterns – it’s like there is an invisible GPS document unfolding in your life where sometimes we have a good day, and sometimes we have a bad day. Storms and Chaos can begin, once we enter into Theories of Complexity, to objectify Theories of Relativity which always seem to “cop out” to human ignorance of the divine – splitting the “experiential qualia” of the weather into “Nature” (pagan), “Act of God” – Judeo-Christian and “Theosophical” (which questions whether God is present in an environ – kind of close to Buddhist, I suppose.)

Storm + ForgeFor those who follow “The X-Men”, the character of Storm (real name: Ororo Monroe), was a Cairo pickpocket before manifesting her powers of “Natural Weather Control” – a trait attributable to her esoteric African genetics. I first started collecting the X-Men at issue #186 – the plot where she had lost her “mutant powers over the weather” because of a blast from an anti-mutant gun manufactured by Forge. My young ( 12 or 13 year old ) mind wondered what it would be like to be a mutant – to control the powers of nature. Maybe childhood and pubescent depression is rooted in long-forgotten DNA connecting us to “The Weather Channel”.

Storm eventually “re-grew” her powers – perhaps this is a task for Generation X and Cheektowaga Records fans worldwide 😉 I know I Love a Rainy Night 🙂