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If Xochi Had a Burning Bush of His Own …

DXM - 3-D

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide – On the Edge of Legal Observation

This little molecule is certainly getting around on the “I don’t need a prescription to get high” list.  Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide is oddly found in a variety of presented pharmaceuticals yet with all the same recipe of 15mg doses designed – this may be an older form of designer drug – to alleviate cough, cold and flu systems.  Perhaps it’s Xochi’s remedy for the common influenza virus.

There does seem to be some type of plateau system involved with various stages of it’s effects, and a feeling of lightness is sometimes reminiscent of shamanic mesas or even the step pyramids of the Sumerian and Mayan cultures (also, sometimes found in older Egyptian pyramids, ie: Saqqara).

Could this be a key to the Biblical Burning Bush, the ever present red washes of the Buckley’s flame pentacostally belying the wisdom of ancient cultures? All available now at the local Pharmacy? Then again it’s difficult to say what people are needing to use this for, it can help with insight into our own neural operating systems set of neo-lithic tools, then again for some people it’s purely an escape route from normal life studies, often leaving “missing time.”

What’s more curious is the fact that there are many, many companies making these ingredients available in a variety of packages, often with different recipes but we’re all lead to believe that it’s a foundational way to combat “The Common Cold” and get you to la-la land when you have the flu.

If there were a remedy for one person’s inability to entertain themselves and others, I’m sure that it’s escaping a patent by the All-Seeing Apothecary Corps.

So sayeth Orion the Vanguard and so the DubStep posse don their fuzzy and PLURfectly innocuous faux-fur and beaded garments and down another bottle of Robo.  Back in the day with Proteus the Party Paladin it was a bump of K.  Now it’s “All Legal”.  I’m sure that medical marijuana is forthcoming….We just need to take older documents about pot written on Hemp Paper and try to develop them as most probably the originals were smoked in the downfall of older advanced civilizations…That explains everything, or it will at least lead to a new episod of Stargate…

Ra - The Big Red Eye Revealed

Ra – The Big Red Eye Revealed


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