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How I Discovered God – Part 1 by Herb V.

   A sermon and out-take from the podcast – 57 Years of Soul Music Radio . Com with Reverend Herb “Soul Talkin’ ” Reid.

You know there is a God, not the one you branding hypocrites created you Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and all you other mankind-kind branded nonsense !  he’s not a God defined by a language or an image that you kill for or feel superior  because of. The real God doesn’t care if you suck another mans penis, if you want to love life on your knees and let anther man subjugate you and you enjoy it God’s not concerned with your own self-inflicted shame if you like it, you’re still a child of God.

God didn’t create hell mankind did, and God didn’t create Satan mankind did, God just created the Universe. Mankind created  the bull shit. Mankind created borders and lines, and goes through great lengths to maintain those borders and lines and if you God has had many messengers and if you listened he never said half the crap any of you holy folk  verbally regurgitate. You need God to tell you that some things are unnatural ? No ! you don’t you know in your heart whats is natural and what is unnatural, you want to blame God if you know that you’re breaking the rules.  And then you want to blame God if you enjoy breaking the natural laws of nature.

And some of you even find it exciting God heard many a ” oh, God, Oh God, Oh God as part of your freedom of speech mandated useless display of and inane erotic lust which serves no purpose other than to break the laws of nature and enjoy doing it.  This excites you to disrespect God like it cares, do you think that God who created the Universe cares what some punk little jack-ass whom so knowledgeable that he can say without a doubt that God doesn’t exist ? Guess the jokes on you God don’t give a damn, because if God doesn’t exist than neither do you.  And if you never exist again do you think that it will hurt the existence of God, no it’ll only mean the non-existence of you, and who care if you think your life is so big that you can define God and declare it’s nonexistence that so what, God will be here in 10 trillion years and you will have been just a small fart…

But then if you create an eternity of lies and hypocrisy God will see you in that existence , it comes around in a loop. If a gnat has intelligence of a sort ( it has to think to fly ) how small do you think God can be before he disappear from you soul and what happens then to your DNA what do you become ? whats  next, what if the molecule that make up your body became molten rock and carried your consciousness with it ? part of  molten rock, would that not be funny if molten rock contained the same molecules that make up your body today.

Preachers, Imams, Priests, et el have been making a decent living distorting the written messages, whole industries exist to disprove and prove God. If God need your belief to exist it wouldn’t be God, it would be a fairy tale, belief in a brand will always disappoint you how can a manufactured brand maintain it;’s quality when it’s based on distortion made up myths and down right lies ? i.e how many trillions of Mars bars do they make and how many turn out bad ? man-made brands always fail because they are man-made.

God of drugs, imagination desperation and control. How did I discover God, by UN-discovering religion Gov.’t and hypocrisy, learning to understand what I might enjoy still doesn’t make it right all the positive assertion and officially stamps of Gov.t won’t make breaking the laws of nature natural, mankind knows that, but if exciting to break the laws and the ultimate break of the laws of nature ? !  is not to believe in God, because nature is God itself manifesting itself throughout the Universe.

Those without faith deny all that is natural around them – they deny the existence of nature, beyond what they think they see.  Those without faith will never discover what’s behind the facade, because they will be lost in the void of non-existence.  God has sent messages to every living thing on Earth, and every living thing on Earth decides whether or not to get that message.  Mother nature will always win in the end.  Soon it will be 500 000 years from now and not one thought will be given to anyone’s denial of the existence of God, because one thing is certain; if you deny the existence of nature and you proclaim that you know all in the universe then you have decided that there is no reason for your existence to continue because once you have discovered there is no God – you know everything in the Universe.  There’s nothing left for you to discover, so when you lie in your grave that will be the end of it.

But for those who seek what’s behind the facade, the Gamblers; let’s face it, existence is like winning a lottery – depending upon how the hand is dealt.  With the billion possibilities of existence its possible to be born again on a planet where existence is always painful or mournful? The universe, or Universes are probably not infinite.  Nothing is.  Not even death.  When I wrote this, I spoke and it was transcribed.  We’re not going to proof-read it – we’ll let you do that, and if you have any questions about my grammar or lack thereof, say a prayer.


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